Trade Up. Wipe On.*


Everyday tasks in your garage or shop can vary from easy to difficult. Scott® Original Shop Towels can handle any garage project that comes your way. These multi-purpose towels are specifically designed to be absorbent and ideal for cleaning up liquids, oil, spills and grease. They work well even when wet, and are 3 times stronger and more durable than kitchen paper towels. Trade up to the "Original Blue" shop towel that's been a trusted car care companion for over 20 years.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3x stronger and more durable than kitchen paper towels
  • Ideal for general automotive maintenance and cleaning
  • Use for oil changes and refilling fluids
  • Absorbs liquids, oil and grease
  • Works well when wet


Cleanliness is necessary in your home garage or automotive shop to help prevent accidents because it only takes an oil spill to cause an injury. Scott® Original Shop Towels are made for the garage and can help keep it safe in three ways:

#1 Absorbing Spills & Leaks. What's under your feet is just as important as what's under the hood. A dropped bottle of oil or windshield cleaning fluid on the shop floor can cause slippery situations that can lead to falls and injuries. Wipe up spills when they happen with Scott® Original Shop Towels, which are three times stronger and more durable than kitchen paper towels. They also easily absorb liquids, oil and grease and can be used for oil changes and fluid refills.

#2 Routine Cleaning. Maintain your personal workspace in the garage with frequent cleanings. Scott® Original Shop Towels works well when wet, so you can use them with your favorite cleaner to help wipe away grease and grime from work surfaces, solvent containers, tool carts, toolboxes and more. Doing this after every repair task will help to lessen any grimy buildup and the time it takes to clean.

#3 Removing Soils from Hands. Keeping hands free of grease and grime is also important to staying safe in the garage. Solvent-slick hands can cause tools or parts to slip from your grasp and fall, which can cause injury. Wash and dry hands using Scott® Original Shop Towels and Scott® Shop Hand Cleaner, which has a 20% better cleaning power than the leading brand†.

† According to a simulated cleaning test

Get the job done right, and stay safe in your garage using these cleaning tips, along with Scott® Original Shop Towels.

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